MJB Farm's objectives

We aim to promote cannabis as a new economic crop and strive to establish a new generation of farmers who can utilize innovative agricultural technologies.

We aspire for our products to be of the highest quality and widely recognized in both the Thai market and the global market.

Planting method

  • The seeds we use are imported from abroad.
  • We cultivate them in a greenhouse system.
  • We utilize a light-diffusing roof, which enables rapid and robust growth of the plants.

Planting method

  • We use coconut coir combined with a drip irrigation system.
    When used together, they provide the appropriate level of moisture.

  • The fertilizer we use is self-made and contains complete primary and secondary.

Contact Us

60 M.4 Baan Kong Hae, Pong Yaeng, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai 50180

082 896 6256 (Tel)..